Management Structure

Policy development within the Regional Park is managed by the Board of Directors, whilst the Management Committee fulfill a supportive and executive role.

The Board is composed of a total of 15 Directors: 9 of these are nominated ex-officio directors from statutory organisations, whilst a further 6 come from public interest groups.

Directors are nominated as follows:

  • 3 from Belfast City Council
  • 3 from Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council
  • 2 Co-opted for Conservation support
  • 1 from the National Trust
  • 6 Public representatives

The Management Committee is composed of representatives of the bodies which directly core fund the Park. It also includes other members who make a financial contribution towards costs and provide support in other ways or who have executive powers in key areas of the Park.

The responsibility for achieving the objectives of the Regional Park is spread amongst a number of organisations:

The two Councils of Belfast City Council and Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council

The two councils have the role of providing for access and outdoor recreation within the Park. Along with the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, and the Department for Infrastructure they fund the employment of a Park Manager, an Administration Officer and a Ranger Service, with Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council acting as the employing authority.

Cycling and Inland Waterways Unit - Department for Infrastructure (DfI)

Cycling and Inland Waterways Unit of the Department for Infrastructure own and maintain the Lagan Navigation including the Towpath and associated water recreational facilities. The Towpath is a strategic component of the Parks access network.

The National Trust

The National Trust is a key Independent Conservation Charity concerned with protecting and conserving the natural and man-made environment, and promoting recreation in and access to the countryside. The Trust owns land within the Park and thus has a role, both in management of their own land holdings and advising on wider management issues.

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA)

Through its Rivers Agency, DAERA is responsible for the management of the drainage aspects of the River Lagan.

Department of the Environment (DOE)

DOE, through its various Agencies, has the co-ordinating role, most prominent in the Park is the Forest Service who manage Belvoir Park Forest.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA)

The NIEA is the government agency that ensures the best use of physical resources, the maintenance of water quality and is involved in project funding in LVRP.

Outdoor Recreation NI (ORNI)

ORNI represents a variety of user groups that use the park and works to promote sustainable access to the countryside. It has a role in advising on the recreational use of the Park from informal recreation through to organised sports and activities.

Rural enterprise occupies over one third of the land area contained in the Park. Through farming this land, the farmed landscapes and associated wildlife are conserved. Other privately owned Open Space accounts for 17% of the land used with public Open Space occupying a further 25%.

Several other organisations are involved in the Regional Park either by their efforts to conserve or promote wildlife through conservation initiatives such as the Woodland Trust, Ulster Wildlife Trust, the RSPB and a number of local and volunteer organisations.