Vision and Aims

Lagan Valley Regional Park's Strategic Vision is for:

A Park that offers a thriving, diverse and valued riverside heritage that welcomes exploration, learning and enjoyment whilst ensuring a sustainable environment for all.

In realising this Vision our Mission Statement:

We will protect and conserve the unique landscape character of Lagan Valley Regional Park and the Lagan Valley AONB, enhance its biodiversity, cultural heritage and promote its benefit to visitors and the community.

We will focus on 6 key areas, those of:

  • Biodiversity
  • Visitors
  • Community
  • Landscape
  • Heritage
  • Health & Recreation
Our aims are eightfold:

1. to proactively conserve and manage the biodiversity of the Regional Park

2. to support and facilitate ongoing research and education on the area's biodiversity and heritage

3. to encourage involvement of the community and develop volunteering in the Regional Park

4. to maintain and enhance the landscape quality of the Regional Park for the benefit of all

5. to proactively conserve and manage the cultural and built heritage of the Regional Park

6. to promote the benefits of green open spaces, within the area, for health and well being

7. to support appropriate recreation activities, events and the development of sustainable tourism for the benefit of the region

8. to increase public awareness of the natural and cultural heritage throughout the region

In addition to the above aims, Lagan Valley Regional Park undertakes a range of other duties, namely to:

  • Advise government and other departments
  • Promote appreciation and enjoyment of the Regional Park
  • Comment and make recommendations on planning application affecting the Regional Park
  • Enhance facilities and engage with visitors, local, interest and user groups
  • Develop a greater understanding though interpretation, education and contact with the general public
  • To carry out operations in such a way as to meet these goals